Grid Pad Go

Small, thin and lightweight, the Grid Pad Go provides the perfect solution for people using touch or switch access on a portable device.

Beautiful, responsive display - Available with an 8” or 10” capacitive touch screen, this communication aid offers a bright display, with superb clarity that responds to the lightest touch. The fast processor in the device means navigating between grids is quicker than ever.

Tough - The second generation Grid Pad Go has an integrated ruggedized casing for a sleek and wipe clean finish. We also include a short hand strap and longer body strap so you can carry your device in the way that suits you.

Innovative sound - Our Smartbox Bluetooth Speaker provides brilliant speech output. The lightweight device is both rugged and splash proof. An integrated clip is designed to be attached to included strap or lanyard, ready to wear around your neck. By wearing the speaking around the neck, the voice will come from the person rather than the computer, creating a more natural communication experience. Ready to talk when you are The instant on/off via a single button means you can start communicating straight away, with no load time for Windows. 



Grid Pad Go 10 with speaker.png

Communication on the go

The Grid Pad Go is ultra-portable. The Grid Pad Go 8 weighs just 540g, while the Grid Pad Go 10 is 750g and both are only 12.5mm thick with no need for an additional case.

Easy editing

Resources are simple to update and edit on the go. Whether you need to add a cell to your grid or download a whole new grid set – you can do it all through your device. Or edit grids on a different device using Remote Editing – a new feature in Grid 3.

Stay connected

• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth (for use with the Bluetooth speaker)
• 1x USB 2.0

Access options

You can access your Grid Pad Go using the responsive touch screen. We can also provide keyguards to suit your specific needs. Switch access is also available via a JoyCable or using Bluetooth switches such as the Ablenet Blue2. We can supply this with your Grid Pad Go.

Dedicated or standard setup

For people that only want to use the Grid Pad as an AAC device, we can supply it in dedicated mode. At no additional cost we restrict the device so that only our Grid software can be used.
Please request when ordering.