Creating better lives

Through Technology

Monroe Speech Designs believes that everyone should have their own voice and we are working hard each day Creating Better Lives through technology.  Our full line of communication devices, software, mounts, and accessories ensures that each person's ability can be a reality.

With recent advancements in technology solutions for those with communication limitations, it is an exciting time to offer access to these products. The market has introduced incredible options for individuals dealing with diagnoses such as ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, Aphasia, and Stroke which just a few years ago, were simply not available.

From the unparalleled accuracy of newly designed eye gaze tracking systems, to the robust capabilities of the latest tablet devices, communication can be an attainable goal for almost anyone.  It is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Monroe Speech Designs team to match the best technology to each person and by doing so accomplish our mission of Creating Better Lives!

The all new WinSlate 12 and WinSlate for Kids is not only a state-of-the-art speech generating device; it is also a full featured Windows 10 OS built on the most powerful hardware available today. WinSlate users can seamlessly switch between using the device for speech generation and personal computing. Now with Windows 10 Apps, access is easier than ever before!

The ProSlate Series is the world's first iOS based, full featured AAC device designed from the beginning to be a Dedicated Speech Generating Device that meets the assistive needs of our users with disabilities. Until now, people wanting to use an iOS device as an SGD have had to settle for cobbled together hardware solutions and were on their own with regards to funding and support.

Our full line of Mounts include device interface and placement in a wide variety of environments including table top, floor stand, and wheelchair.  Each person deserves a personalized device set up to their unique needs and profile.  The Monroe Speech Designs team of AAC Consultants will configure each solution to best meet the needs of every person, every time.

G3 iPad.png

Grid 3 software powers high-tech communication aids; turning text and symbols into speech. We have a library of voices that can be tailored to create a voice that belongs to you. Whether you use symbols or text to communicate, there are applications and grid sets that will support you to achieve greater levels of independnece and communication at home, school, or work.