SmartNav Pro 2.jpg

Smart Nav Pro

A complete and easy to set up alternative to a standard mouse to control your device.

For a complete hands free alternative to a regular mouse, the SmartNAV Pro is easy to set up and control your Windows device. Access all standard Windows applications like Office, browse the web, play games and more.

The SmartNAV Pro works with our Grid Pad mounted communication devices.

Our Grid 3 AAC software has built in dwell click access options so you don’t require any other equipment to make selections for communication or computer access.

SmartNAV Magnetic mount

Attach your SmartNAV to your Grid Pad safely and securely with the magnetic mount. Strong magnets hold the device in place when in use yet allow the SmartNAV to be detached with ease.

This accessory must be requested when ordering, or you will need to return your SmartNav for fitting.